Masa Haiku Contest

2018 Masa Haiku Contest - Details About The Competition


The Masa Haiku Contest is a poetry competition started to honor the legendary George Masa (Wikipedia, photo credit), and the mission of forest conservation . Masa was born in 1881 in Osaka Japan as Masahara Izuka, and immigrated to the United States to study mining, but instead became known for his photography and travels through nature, especially the Great Smoky Mountains (he lived in Asheville NC), where he scouted much of the terrain that would later become famous trails (like the NC portion of the Appalachian Trail).
masa haiku contest
George Masa - Source: Wikipedia

Masa Haiku Contest Proceeds To Benefit a Forest In Need

After expenses, proceeds will benefit a U.S. forest area in need - to be named soon

Masa Haiku Contest Rules & Guidelines

how to submit your entry and apply for the Masa Haiku Contest

1) first, pay the application fee

a fee of $19 is due at time of entry by paypal via the button below or by paypaling the entry amount to

Haiku Competition Entry Fee

2)   After paying the application fee via paypal, you will get from paypal an email receipt of that payment. Make sure to then “Forward” on your receipt email to us at along with your haiku entry (up to 2 haiku allowed) Along with your haiku contest entry that is forwarded with your paypal receipt, include your name, current mailing address, a three sentence bio, your email address, and a phone number where you can be reached. 


open to applicants, 18 or older, residing in the USA. International applicants are welcome to apply as well, though must pay additional shipping to receive prizes. 

what language should my haiku be in

all haiku must be submitted in English, no exceptions. 

what format must by haiku be in?

all haiku should be in the traditional 5-7-5 or 3-5-3 format, with only special exceptions allowed (but submit these at your own risk)

other requirements

all submissions must be original and not previously submitted to any other contest, or published anywhere; magazines, blogs, social media, any websites, etc. (until after the competition

how many haiku can be submitted

Every applicant may submit only two haiku, which must be enclosed as one email you send to us.


The deadline to submit your haiku to the Masa Haiku Contest is July 1, 2018. 


winners will be announced by email on August 1, 2018. winners & winning haiku will also be published on this site after winners have been announced. 

prizes & awards

are as follows: 
  • grand "Masa Master" prize (TBD amount of cash & published on website) - 1 winner
  • noble challenger awards (TBD amount of cash & published on website) - 8 winners 
  • honorable mention awards, 20 winners (published on website)


coming soon. 

minimum entries required / contest cancellation 

minimum entries required is 100. if by rare chance the contest must be cancelled, applicants will receive their fees back by paypal to the email associated with their submission. 

For ideas on what kind of haiku have won contests, check here

What is Haiku

The poetry art of Haiku started in 17th century Japan, as short poems that evoked an image, and feeling of deeper connection with nature. Haiku are structured generally as three line poems, the first line having five syllables, the second having seven, and the third with five. There is also a 3-5-3 structure. While these are more traditional, there are modern versions of haiku that deviate from this structure. Words and ideas should not be repeated in a haiku. Often something in the haiku will point to what season it is, i.e. snow on the ground, a certain flower blooming in spring, etc. Haiku should evoke emotion, not just describe it. 

Most Famous Haiku

The best-known Japanese haiku is Bashō's "old pond":

old pond
frog leaps in
water's sound