House Plants That Don't Need Sun - Best Of List

Here's a List of House Plants That Don't Need Sun, Some of Which Can Thrive On Indoor Office Lighting

Do all plants need sunlight ? Yes. All plants must have some sunlight sunlight in order to produce chlorophyll, otherwise they will eventually die. However, some house plants grow exceptionally well in low light conditions, like offices without windows, because these plants can live on artificial light.

A list of these shade loving plants is as follows (the caveat being that many of them actually die with too much sun!)
house plants that don't need light
Photo by Ren Ran on Unsplash

1. Dracaena (your choice of about 50 types, grow this plant indoors with ease)
2. Maidenhair Fern (genus, Adiantum, this fern is one you might see on the shady hiking trails around the Appalachian mountains, but they are also available in nurseries and stores).
3. Bromeliads (these houseplants, related to the pineapple, often do fine in offices without windows, but make sure to turn the lights on frequently, because no house plant like this will survive in total darkness)
4. Calathea, Peacock Plant (this plant is a beaut, but another thing this one makes the "indoor gardener" or plant hobbiest remember is temperature...a min of 55F for this guy.

Remember that light is only one factor to consider; there are also factors like watering, temperature, soil type, etc. But usually all of that is pretty easy for a house plant, which usually has directions included in the pot (which also comes with the right kind of soil). Repotting may be a challenge, but it too is not usually an issue with many low maintenance house plants.

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