Pdf free: Histoire Naturelle by Buffon - Review, On Trees

PDF - Histoire Naturelle by Buffon - Review, On Trees

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The portion of Histoire Naturelle by Buffon, that related to trees is as follows: 
QUOTE In the earth are found trees of almost every kind, as willows, oaks, firs, aspins, beach, yew, ash, hawthorn, &c. In the fens of Lincoln, along the river Ouse, and in Hatfield-Chace, in the county of York, these trees are as straight as we see them in a forest. The oaks are very hard and used in buildings ; they are said to last a long time, but which I must doubt, as all trees that are dug out of the earth, at least all those which I have seen, whether oak or others, lose, in drying, all the solidity, which they appeared to have at first. The ash is tender, and soon crumbles to dust. There are many trees which have clearly been shaped and sawed by men...END QUOTE