Corpse Flower Bloom 2018 - Round-Up

Where Is Corpse Flower Blooming In 2018 - A Guide

Question:  Where Will Corpse Flower Bloom in 2018? 

ANSWER: In 2018, there are currently no botanical gardens in the USA with scheduled blooms. 

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How Often Does Corpse Flower Bloom, And Other Facts

According to Live Science, it takes up to 7 years for it to flower, but it can actually take ten years. In 2017 the U.S. Botanic Garden had three corpse flowers on exhibit which opened their stinky petals in August. In 2016, New York Botanical Garden had its bloom. This flower with a genus (Amorphophallus) that means penis without form grows to be 10-15 ft, so it's quite a big show. The stench peaks after only a few hours of the flower opening, and the smell only lasts for two nights, max. The smell is to attract certain insects that like it, who go inside, and pollen rains down on them, and then the bugs go out and spread it around. Others have described the smell like maggots, and smelly feet.