Tree Disease Map Infographic - USA

USA Tree Disease Map - Daily Infographic 

Tree diseases included in infographic map: 

Asian longhorned beetle, aspen / cottonwood decline, balsam woolly adelgid, beech bark disease, bur oak blight, douglas-fir beetle, douglas-fir tussock moth, dutch elm disease, dwark mistletoes, easter larch beetle, emerald ash borer, fir engraver, forest tent caterpillar, fusiform rust, hemlock woolly adelgid, lps spp., jack pin budworm, jeffrey pine beetle, laurel wilt, maple decline, mountain pine beetle, northern spruce engraver, oak decline, oak wilt, root diseases, roundheaded pine beetle, sirex woodwasp, souther pine beetle, spruce aphid, spruce beetle, spruce budworm, stem rot, sudden oak death, western balsam bark beetle, western pine beetle, western spruce budworm, white pine blister rust, winter moth, and yellow-cedar decline This infographic designed by Andre Salazar, is separated by various tree diseases, and if you use the toggle bar you can see a wide range of tree disease maps, including: ash tree disease map, oak tree disease map, etc.

Tree disease spreading

You can also infer from the data areas on the map where the tree diseases are spreading.


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