Invites International Cities To Share Their Local Forests

October 21st, 2017 Invites International Cities To Share Their Local Forests 

The world’s forests are safer when citizens etch memories of them in their hearts, and in the news.

By Adam Tan extends an invitation to the citizens of world cities - Paris, Beijing, London, Singapore, Istanbul,  New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, etc. - to submit articles, poems, photos, and thoughts about their experiences visiting local and national forests. Submissions to info -at- will be considered for publication on the group’s website.

This open invitation to share our local and national forests with others is an initiative intended to heighten awareness of humanity’s deep interdependence on the world’s forests as a source of renewable resources, cleaner air, medicines, and peace of mind. Bringing attention to this fact, at a time when the Earth is undergoing what scientists hypothesize is a human-caused mass extinction, the seventh over the course of the planet’s history, is timely.

Photo and article submissions should include name, city of residence, and a short sentence granting a permission to publish.

A panel of judges will determine which submissions will be published.


Media Contact:
Miko Yuki
Volunteer, Outreach