Organic Garden

Getting Started with the Hobby of Organic Gardening

organic gardening

Organic gardening can very well pass as a hobby to begin with. This may be true if you are the type of person who has a passion for gardening. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea. So consider yourself lucky if you are among those who can grow green things out of the blue.

Gardening requires certain skills. U, the nature of the soil, what kind of plants you can place on them, how to care for these plants to take apart from the many other considerations you should be aware of when you’re serious about it .

This may sound complicated enough for beginners. But if you have marked as one with a green thumb and you’ve already honed you skills on this, so you might as well try the organic way of gardening. This method is particularly special as hard. It will require you to double your effort as compared to the regular things you do with the usual gardening tricks.



The Concept

The basic rule for this type of gardening is that you only use synthetic products in all your efforts with regard to the task. This will include the key elements, such as fertilizers and pesticides.

You can actually get from the earth what you use for your organic venture into gardening. You need these elements to grow something new, it’s your plants, your vegetables or whatever greens you may want to grow. If you get the picture? To look at it from a bird’s eye view, it is to work closely with nature. Or as others might say, this is like being one with nature.

Organic fertilizer

Is there such a thing, you might ask? Yes, and you’re the only one to make it. You can actually perform composting on the materials found on your garden. You can use fallen leaves and twigs, animal manure, but this will depend on the type, and many more.

Organic Pesticides

This type of gardening like, as much as possible, to stay away from pesticides. But if you can not afford to pick the insects one by one by your bare hands, then you can go to your local shop and ask for an organic pesticide that is available commercially.

The old way really to be vigilant with your garden and take off every pest that you see. You should only turn to the organic pesticides when it becomes too many and uncontrollable that you can no longer handle. You can also try to bring in the animals that feed on these pests. This way, you will have some help in picking those pests up. And it also helps other animals satisfy their hunger.

As a hobby, this can be time consuming. So if you do not spend enough time in, might as well find a partner or drop the idea until you’ve found the right moment to proceed with the tasks.

Organic gardening is really a lot of hard work. So you better be prepared to sweat in the process. To ease your tiredness when you’re already in too deep, remember that what you are doing is helping nature. This is your way of giving back what nature has bestowed on you since the day you were born.

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