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CRANBERRY: Uses, Side Effects, Pills, Extracts

From Humble Fruit To Cranberry Pills & Extracts, Oh My! Most people think of cranberry as a fruit for food, but now cranberry pills and extracts are hitting the shelves, mainly because of the health benefits associated with this lowly sour fruit that grows from bushes living in boggy areas. In this article we will discuss cranberry's history as a crop, and it's evolution into a modern American natural supplement, as well as it's uses, side effects, and forms (from pills, extracts, whole foods, jams, jellies, etc.).
If you've read the Pine Barrens by John McPhee, then you know cranberries literally made areas in New Jersey like the Pine Barrens an economic powerhouse, until modern cranberry farming came along, but the little cranberry is now a big food product, as well as a medicine (though little evidence exists that cranberries really work as an effective medicine for many ailments it is used to treat).
Cranberry Pills - Review
Let's start with looking at cran…

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