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Cutting Your Own Christmas Tree - Memories

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree - Memories Alan Reames
Asheville NC

So, you want to cut your own Christmas Tree this year?! Very adventurous of you. In your imagination, you have one of those red hunter caps, a black and red flannel shirt, some tall leather boots, and a five foot long chainsaw, walking into the misty mountains, and pulling out the most beautiful Christmas tree ever, all in one fell 30 second daydream, right? It is adventurous to think about going out into the wild to cut your own Christmas tree, but it's quite a process, and something to think about. 
 There are many ways to go about going out to chop your own Christmas tree down, but first there are some things to consider.

Where To Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Not out of the vacant lot, local protected forest, or in the woods somewhere
The first question to answer is where you can find a Christmas tree to cut down in the woods. Well, here's a story I bet a lot of you (except you guys in the desert) have heard. Yo…

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